Age of Sigmar: Chaos

Hobby Update 28/03/17 – Slaves to Darkness

After making my big purchase I've been working hard to get everything built and cleaned up ready to be painted. I have almost everything built up but decided to really get the Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting! box cleaned up first (with the exception of the Chaos Sorcerer which I wont be adding to my… Continue reading Hobby Update 28/03/17 – Slaves to Darkness

Imperial Guard

Completed Imperial Guard Wyvern 

I am officially hitting the 50% complete mark on my armoured vehicles with this Wyvern and pretty much 50% complete on the army itself. Of course I keep considering additions so I may never actually get to the 100% mark but it's fun to dream (especially since I just bought 2 Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus… Continue reading Completed Imperial Guard Wyvern