Assorted Guardsmen

Finishing my army of course means finishing up all the odds and ends. Tonight I finished up all the extra guardsmen who are not normally part of my army: the extra bodies basically and the alternative weapon options. First up are the flamers. My Veterans do have a tendency to get pretty close up to […]

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First Leman Russ Exterminator

Just finished up my first Leman Russ tank. It’s set up as an Exterminator with melta side sponsons. All of the weapons are magnetised so it can be used in any of the regular variants, I just chose to paint up the Exterminator weapons first. I’m starting to really enjoy painting tanks and tried to […]

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Khorne Lord of Skulls

Back in July one of my friends received a Lord of Skulls as an anniversary present (lucky bastard) to add to his Khorne Daemonkin Army. Being both a beginner at painting minis and burdened with a hefty backlog of unpainted miniatures he asked me if I would paint it for him. Having a hefty backlog […]

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