Imperial Guard

COMPLETED! My Imperial Guard army is finally done

Well, it's been a very enjoyable project that has taken probably somewhere around 250 hours to complete. It's hard to believe it's finished to be totally honest, my free time was so finite over the last year there were times when almost a month would go by without getting a chance to paint anything. Seeing… Continue reading COMPLETED! My Imperial Guard army is finally done


Mantic Battlezones “Aegis” Defence Line

Another quick terrain piece from my Mantic Urban Quadrant to go on my growing 40k table. A simple paint scheme which I stared by carefully highlighting the edges before giving up and just drybrushing then covering up areas that were too chalky. I don't have a picture yet but the sandy colour on the bottom… Continue reading Mantic Battlezones “Aegis” Defence Line

Imperial Guard

First Leman Russ Exterminator

Just finished up my first Leman Russ tank. It's set up as an Exterminator with melta side sponsons. All of the weapons are magnetised so it can be used in any of the regular variants, I just chose to paint up the Exterminator weapons first. I'm starting to really enjoy painting tanks and tried to… Continue reading First Leman Russ Exterminator