For the greater good

Since I picked my brushes back up a few months ago I have started to really just enjoy the hobby again. Unrestricted by a single large project I’ve been hopping from model to model largely based on nothing more than a whim. But as the blood has flowed back into my fingers so also has […]

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Bad Boyz 2

Just a quick follow up with the remaining 5 Boyz from the Start Collecting! box, this time armed with Sluggas and Choppas. Blood Effects! No matter what I paint, I always love just adding a little blood spatter. It’s like weathering, it just adds a nice little extra dimension to the model. My only real […]

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Welcome to Orkenburg

I almost never do a post that is not explicitly about something that I have painted or built because I am not the reviewer or news writing type. However, I stumbled across something today which I did at least want to share because it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Take a look […]

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Assorted Guardsmen

Finishing my army of course means finishing up all the odds and ends. Tonight I finished up all the extra guardsmen who are not normally part of my army: the extra bodies basically and the alternative weapon options. First up are the flamers. My Veterans do have a tendency to get pretty close up to […]

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