Intergalactic Space PoliceĀ 

So I had a couple of extra Guardsmen kicking around and thought I’d start playing around with ideas for my next Imperial Guard Army. That’s totally a thing, people start another of the same army they already have all the time, shut up, it’s not weird. Anyway I have been playing around with the idea […]

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Imperial Guard Chimera 4

My last Chimera is complete to go along with my just completed veteran squad. I would do another 4 in a heartbeat they are so easy and fun to paint. In fact if I get that Hellhound I’m angling after then at least I’ll get to do another one and there’s still the little matter […]

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Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 4

Final Veteran Squad complete. I love painting, but 40 of the same guy will task anyone’s patience. Funnily enough I actually find myself wanting to do more but in a different colour scheme, and if I can find a good and simple little conversion (basically I want arms without the shoulder pads) I will do […]

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Leman Russ Executioner

Oh we’re really getting through this army now! Leman Russ number 4 of 6 and armoured vehicle number 8 of 12.  All of my Leman Russ tanks are fully magnetised so this one isn’t special in that regard. The only thing that makes this one special is that I have actually gone to the effort […]

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Imperial Guard Chimera 3

Hot on the heels of my 3rd Veteran Squad come my third Chimera transport to get them where they need to go. I’m still enjoying painting my armoured vehicles, I’m not sure at what point it stops being fun and becomes a labour? They also continue to serve me well on the battlefield usually keeping […]

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