Oh yes, he’s done! He’s the biggest! He’s the baddest! He’s the one and only KAVOR THE ASHEN! I showed the conversion a week or so ago and had to slap some paint on him. I had to repaint the JUGGERNAUT! after I’d done it in black because it was just not working. I figured the […]


Slaves to Darkness Chariot

Finished up my Slaves to Darkness Chariot finally and boy am I glad it’s done. I don’t know if it’s just the older Chaos Warrior sculpts but I’m not getting that into this army. Don’t get me wrong I’m always happy to be sitting with a paintbrush in my hand but I find myself rushing […]

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Completed Khorgorath Conversion

I just finished up my Khorgorath Conversion. It’s not perfect but compared to the original Khorgorath Model I am loving the results. It’s a bit of a quicker paint job, not a speed paint by any stretch of the imagination but not my best work. At the first glance, the results are pretty good. His […]

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Khorne Lord of Skulls

Back in July one of my friends received a Lord of Skulls as an anniversary present (lucky bastard) to add to his Khorne Daemonkin Army. Being both a beginner at painting minis and burdened with a hefty backlog of unpainted miniatures he asked me if I would paint it for him. Having a hefty backlog […]

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Look Back: Khorne Forgefiend

Back in 2015 I painted this Khorne Forgefiend for a friend who was getting back into the hobby. I have shared this previously on Reddit and on my old (now defunct) blog Level 12 Paladin. Here’s a few glamour shot’s of the model. This is easily one of my favourite paint jobs and I was […]

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