Bad Boyz

When I got back to painting again the thing I really wanted to do was some Orks, simply because they are so easy to paint and a lot of fun too. Their haphazard nature is very forgive of mistakes and the weathering can hide a multitude of sins while also being fun to do. Even […]

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Ork Nobz

Continuing on from my Deff Dread I have painted up the Ork Nobz from the Start Collecting! box in the same muted Bad Moon colour scheme. These guys were a lot of fun to paint too as they have so many fun little details and such a cool look with their Big Choppas (at least, […]

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Welcome to Orkenburg

I almost never do a post that is not explicitly about something that I have painted or built because I am not the reviewer or news writing type. However, I stumbled across something today which I did at least want to share because it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Take a look […]

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Ork Deff Dread

Slowly coming back to the hobby after a much-needed break and decided to clear everything out and just paint what I enjoy for a while. So everything is gone, all the Age of Sigmar stuff, the old Imperial Guard army and I’m kicking off with some more Orks! Specifically a kick-ass Deff Dread! I’ve gone […]

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Oh yes, he’s done! He’s the biggest! He’s the baddest! He’s the one and only KAVOR THE ASHEN! I showed the conversion a week or so ago and had to slap some paint on him. I had to repaint the JUGGERNAUT! after I’d done it in black because it was just not working. I figured the […]