Tau Firewarrior Squad

I finally feel like I’m starting to make a dent on this Tau Army (a very small dent) with this second completed unit – a 10 man Tau Firewarrior Squad with Pulse Rifles. I’m really pleased with them despite a few mistakes and I think I’m getting into the swing of painting the colour scheme. […]

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Tau Stealth Suits

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything so I thought I’d push through and finish something for once. I’ve got so many projects just sitting at a work in progress stage that I almost forgot what a motivator it was to complete something. Anyway, you may notice that these are red, rather than […]

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For the greater good

Since I picked my brushes back up a few months ago I have started to really just enjoy the hobby again. Unrestricted by a single large project I’ve been hopping from model to model largely based on nothing more than a whim. But as the blood has flowed back into my fingers so also has […]

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