Leman Russ Executioner

Oh we’re really getting through this army now! Leman Russ number 4 of 6 and armoured vehicle number 8 of 12.  All of my Leman Russ tanks are fully magnetised so this one isn’t special in that regard. The only thing that makes this one special is that I have actually gone to the effort […]

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Imperial Guard Chimera 3

Hot on the heels of my 3rd Veteran Squad come my third Chimera transport to get them where they need to go. I’m still enjoying painting my armoured vehicles, I’m not sure at what point it stops being fun and becomes a labour? They also continue to serve me well on the battlefield usually keeping […]

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Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 3

I have just completed my 3rd Veteran Squad for my Imperial Guard Army. What a satisfying feeling now to be so far through my infantry and have more finished than still to be finished. Overall I continue to be happy with the colour scheme as they look like they’ve been deployed in a city environment. […]

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Completed Imperial Guard Wyvern 

I am officially hitting the 50% complete mark on my armoured vehicles with this Wyvern and pretty much 50% complete on the army itself. Of course I keep considering additions so I may never actually get to the 100% mark but it’s fun to dream (especially since I just bought 2 Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus […]

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Officio Prefectus Commissar

Time to bring some order to the 71st! Painted up this Commissar for my Imperial Army. I actually don’t need him for any of my lists but I was at the FLGS and looking for something nice to paint. The only problem is I also just ordered 2 ‘Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus’ box sets which […]

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