Intergalactic Space PoliceĀ 

So I had a couple of extra Guardsmen kicking around and thought I’d start playing around with ideas for my next Imperial Guard Army. That’s totally a thing, people start another of the same army they already have all the time, shut up, it’s not weird. Anyway I have been playing around with the idea […]

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Assorted Guardsmen

Finishing my army of course means finishing up all the odds and ends. Tonight I finished up all the extra guardsmen who are not normally part of my army: the extra bodies basically and the alternative weapon options. First up are the flamers. My Veterans do have a tendency to get pretty close up to […]

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Imperial Guard Chimera 4

My last Chimera is complete to go along with my just completed veteran squad. I would do another 4 in a heartbeat they are so easy and fun to paint. In fact if I get that Hellhound I’m angling after then at least I’ll get to do another one and there’s still the little matter […]

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Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 4

Final Veteran Squad complete. I love painting, but 40 of the same guy will task anyone’s patience. Funnily enough I actually find myself wanting to do more but in a different colour scheme, and if I can find a good and simple little conversion (basically I want arms without the shoulder pads) I will do […]

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