Age of Sigmar again: soul wars edition

Good lord Games Workshop, quit making things I just can’t resist.

So I managed not to buy the Death Guard models, that was difficult. Then I managed not to buy the Custodes, again that required some willpower. I even managed to pretend I wasn’t interested in the new Imperial Knights and Idoneth Deepkin. But GW just refuse to give up.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is: of course I picked up Soul Wars. Who doesn’t want Scooby Doo ghosts Vs Magic Stormcast?

I also bought the new Nighthaunt paints to test out and really loved the colour I was getting with them. Here’s my test colour scheme:

Basically a pale green base on the lower part and a dark green on the upper half roughly blended together with a heavy glaze of the new Nighthaunt Gloom to blend the transition. A little Coelia Greenshade on the upper half and then highlights with Ulthuan Grey.

I struggled a bit more with the Hexwraith Flame finding it very bland over white. I ended up going with applying it over a white-yellow mix which I liked a lot more. It’s so vibrant though that it can be thinly glazed to do OSL effects perfectly with just the right amount of subtlety to be nice.

I can’t wait to paint more of these guys. The simple paint scheme makes for quick work which is very satisfying and the more I do the better I get with the new scheme.

I imagine everyone has seen a LOT of Nighthaunt colour schemes lately but I’d still welcome any thoughts on my one. Definitely didn’t try to do something utterly unique just my own take on the standard look.

Until next time, bye the noo!


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