You can take it with you

Today I want to share something simple but cool with you (at least, I think it’s cool). My portable paint box!

I recently started working sleepovers which meant I was away from home and finding my evenings at work incredibly boring. I decided to put together a small box that could fit in a rucksack with my other overnight stuff to take my hobby with me.

Here’s what I’m working with:

It’s a basic craft box like a fishing tackle or sewing box. Nice and deep at the bottom and about 30cm x 15cm x 15cm overall (give or take).

The bottom has foam trays (and a couple extra paints wedged in the gap), the trays have paints and brushes. I had a super slim palette from a little portable watercolor set that is only about 5mm thick and sits between the foam and trays.

Heres everything pulled out. As you can see I can fit a good number of paints, obviously a limited palette but enough for each evening I’m away.

Lastly, the foam trays are old style games workshop case inserts. I took the bottom off one set and glued the “walls” to the top of another set so each little pocket is double depth. Made the back ones double size for bigger models too. Limited space but fine for a little work while away.

I also have a little LED light that clips on to the box and provides enough light to work with. At the moment I only have this little fold out table to sit at but hopefully a desk will be forthcoming so I can spread out.

And last, what I’m working on tonight! Shows off how bright the light is as well as my new Stormhost. More of that in the coming months, though they are low on my priority list.

So yeah, that’s my little set up and I’ve found it more than suited to the purposes. A bigger, better light would be the only thing I’d improve but this one works ok. If I was using GW paints they wouldn’t fit this box but I’m sure there are boxes that would work, some fit in the top tray but the Vallejo bottles just fit the second tray.

I only take this for one night at a time but I will be taking it away for a week in August so I’ll find out how much variety I can squeeze into this little box. A few modifications and I could easily get another 3-4 paints in there – which could make all the difference.

Does anyone else have a portable paint station, let me know, I’d love to see them. I’d also welcome thoughts or suggestions on this as well. Until next time, bye the noo!



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