Ork Nobz

Continuing on from my Deff Dread I have painted up the Ork Nobz from the Start Collecting! box in the same muted Bad Moon colour scheme. These guys were a lot of fun to paint too as they have so many fun little details and such a cool look with their Big Choppas (at least, I think they’re big choppas, except when I want them to be Killsaws, then I guess they are Killsaws).

I always loved in the Ork fluff that the bigger and more dangerous an Ork, the darker their skin becomes, so I played around with my usual Ork skin recipe to find something suitable. It still looks natural and works compared to the lighter skin tone of the Boyz (which I have started painting as well) but is visibly darker on the tabletop.

I also made sure to do a healthy amount of weathering with their armour to match the Deff Dread but just did it with basic sponging rather than paint it on manually.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased, I think they look pretty cool without looking goofy. I’ve been reading the rules and looking at the other Ork models available and I just can’t decide if I want to build this into a full army or not. I like Orks in Trukks but it just doesn’t look like an effective build. I like the look of buggies in the rules but the models are hot crap. I might just do lots of Boyz and lots of Dredds, would move pretty slow but could be a lot of fun to put together.

Either way – next up is the Boyz. I’ve done them half and half as shoota and slugga boyz to keep the painting interesting. I really want to paint some Tyranids though and the variety would be good since I’ve not done a lot of painting lately.

Until next time, bye the noo!



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