Hobby Update 28/05/17: Bloodthis and Bloodthat 

As ever, the work continues, and there are several little projects coming along nicely.

The main push is still on my Age of Sigmar Khorne army so I’ve been pushing on with the first 10 Bloodreavers and the Bloodsecrator. The back five are actually complete with the front ones still needing a bit more work. The Bloodsecrator is not far off either mostly just needing the silver parts of the armour and a bunch of little details.

I also had a chance to sit down with my son and begin painting his Mice and Mystics miniatures. 

We have tried to keep it simple – the big cave centipede was drybrushed for the most part with a little edging of the carapace using an old Tyranid painting style. He did really well, I usually demonstrate the technique then he tries it. I then have to repeat that once or twice then he’s off and painting. The cockroaches were drybrushed too and given an ink wash which he managed just fine. I tidied up the bases and we just need to get some details done on them. I’m still really proud of his progress.

Lastly I’m sort-of, half-heartedly working on my Liberators. 

The problem with the Stormcast is I’ve still not found a method that’s really up my street which is frustrating when you just want to get it done. The front middle guy is way too much on the highlights. I’ve been trying to get the tone just right and on the dude behind him you can just see on the shin the more toned down gleam. It’s also being done with fat glazing and I’m quite new to the style so it’s not going super quick.

There’s also a rogue Guardsmen floating around back there. Ignore him I keep messing about with colour schemes. All the build up to 8th edition 40k has me struggling to keep focused on what I’m doing. Not long til it drops and I can stop obsessing over it. Until next time, bye the noo. 



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