Oh yes, he’s done! He’s the biggest! He’s the baddest! He’s the one and only KAVOR THE ASHEN! I showed the conversion a week or so ago and had to slap some paint on him.

I had to repaint the JUGGERNAUT! after I’d done it in black because it was just not working. I figured the colour scheme needed just a little spicing up so slapped some brass on it. Other than that it’s still a pretty quick paint job. I tried to give his claw arm a beetle chitin look and the blade an obsidian feel to it to spice things up a little.

On the down side he’s a little short and a little wonky but he gets away with it.

Next on the docket is the bloodreavers. I’ve already started painting them and there a good bit simpler so I should be able to get them done quickly. Until next time, bye the noo.



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