Slaves to Darkness Chariot

Finished up my Slaves to Darkness Chariot finally and boy am I glad it’s done. I don’t know if it’s just the older Chaos Warrior sculpts but I’m not getting that into this army. Don’t get me wrong I’m always happy to be sitting with a paintbrush in my hand but I find myself rushing these and just wanting them done.

Then again, it’s not a bad thing. This was always meant to be a quick tabletop quality army so I can get out and play Age of Sigmar – for me that means a good chunk of the models needed to be painted.


I actually had a bit of fun playing around with the horse skin tones trying to make sure they looked different and natural. It’s had mixed results but overall looks good. I also tried a little lava for my ash bases.


Painting red cloaks is always fun though, it’s so easy to blend the colours.


Lastly, I ended up getting rid of the connecting ropes because I was about to put the model through the wall it was getting so fidgety. I’d had this broken down into sub assemblies for painting it and it was proving hard enough just to put back together.

The army is starting to come together though so that’s always a motivation.

Until next time. Bye the noo!



2 thoughts on “Slaves to Darkness Chariot

    1. Yeah, I do my usual. I make sure the parts the eye is drawn to look top notch. The cloak, the weapon heads, the top of the horses and then phone the rest in. It gets it done quicker while the overall finish of the model remains pretty high.

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