Small (but cute) distractions

In a small departure from the usual scheduled broadcasting, I thought I’d share this photo I took today playing a game I’d picked up for my son called Mice and Mystics. It’s a fairly well known game in the board game community and one of those nice games that comes with a selection of miniatures that can be painted. It features a small band of anthropomorphic mice battling rats and spiders and cockroaches to save a kingdom from an evil Sorceress. Good times.


My son has been taking more and more of an interest in my hobby as he’s gotten older and I’ve been keen to get him involved. I’ve even managed to get him painting a few times as he’s one of those kids who would rather be doing arts and crafts than playing football.

Anyway. I wanted to get him something that was a bit like “dad’s game” but that would also be his. The plan is for him to paint all the miniatures himself (with guidance) and I can’t wait to see the results.

As for the game itself it’s pretty enjoyable. It’s got a good narrative and I’ve been careful to really push the story of what his little mice are doing to get his imagination going and he’s really getting into it. I have to help him out with keeping the rules simple but he’s picking it up fast and we’re having a lot of fun sharing a hobby that has kept me entertained for almost 2 decades. There’s nothing like a 5 year old performing his “battle squeek” to put a smile on your face though.

I’m sure he’ll let me post pictures of his miniatures when he finishes them and I can’t wait to see them myself. Until next time – bye the noo!



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