Slaves to Darkness Chaos Warriors

With so much prep work being done it’s a good moment to actually finish a unit and just helps to keep me pushing forwards. I will admit I like the look of these guys but did not enjoy painting them at all. I definitely ended up rushing them a little and I’m glad they’re done. Not sure I want to build it up to the full 20 man unit now though!

Slaves to darkness warriors

The banner was a concept I found with a google search and is the Khorne symbol behind the 8 point star and obviously they’ve dipped the banner in the blood of their enemies.

Slaves to darkness cloaks.jpg

The cloaks are about the only bit I did enjoy painting so at least when I play I get to see my favourite part of the model. There is a difference in the fur cloaks as well because I accidentally used a different wash on the second batch. I could have corrected it but a little variation is probably normal so I left it.

The chariot is on it’s way next once I get the horses painted then… well I should probably get more painting done.

Until next time, bye the noo!



2 thoughts on “Slaves to Darkness Chaos Warriors

    1. To be fair I rather enjoyed doing the banner so there was that. I think part of what’s putting me off is new army doubts. Now everything is bought and waiting for paint I have a wandering eye and so picking the oldest sculpts and the least dynamic models I could to start with was a little uninspiring. I started putting paint on some Blood Reavers tonight and I’m just sailing through them so it’s probably all in my head.

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