Hobby Update 24/04/17: Assembly

I took a little break from this blog for the last month after I started feeling a little burned out. I think there was a delay from finishing my Imperial Guard and buying into Age of Sigmar that started to hit me.

After a few weeks the old familiar buzz came back and the only way to silence it is to embrace it.



I have been working hard on assembly for the most part. Putting together two armies between 1500 and 2000 points just takes time to assemble. I am almost finished construction with only a unit of Judicators to assemble and some Chaos Knights to complete.

I have done a little painting mostly just to break up the monotony but not a lot worth showing in detail just yet.


I am pretty happy with my Khorne army. I bought the Blades of Khorne book and my horde is starting to take shape in my head. I plan to convert the Mighty Lord of Khorne to a Lord on Juggernaut since my army is a lot of mounted models. I think the Khorgorath is going to go as it just feels out of place and I think I’d rather get another mounted unit of either more Knights or Marauder Horsemen.


My Stormcase is coming along as well. I need to modify the Prosecutors a little, I assembled them with wings spread wide which looks cool but is so impractical on the table. I am getting rid of 3 of the Gryph Hounds as I just can’t see a use for 6 in an army. Another unit of Vanguard raptors is planned and another unit of Liberators with the paired swords. After that maybe another hero or 2. I have been tempted to add some other Order units but haven’t yet figured out what.

I am trying to focus on getting the prep work done but I can’t help but do a little painting. I spent a solid couple of days trying to figure out my perfect Celestial Vindicators recipe and I think I’m finally happy with what I’m getting. The Chaos stuff I’m a little happier to paint to a more tabletop quality so I can get playing sooner.

Until next time, bye the noo!



5 thoughts on “Hobby Update 24/04/17: Assembly

  1. That’s quite an impressive collection for both factions, it’ll be awesome to see how they will look once there’re all painted. What’s your opinion on the Blades of Khorne book?

    Keep up the fantastic work! πŸ™‚


    1. I don’t think I can weigh in too much on it. I am so new to Age of Sigmar I can’t say much about how it will play – I mostly bought it for the fluff and handy war scrolls.

      It’s a lot of stuff and probably too much in one go but I like a challenge.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see, AoS is a really good game to play, I’ve played quite a few games during half term breaks. I think you’ll have a lot of fun mixing warscroll lists and trying out different tactics, especially if you have a Bloodsecrator use his ability on a unit of 20 Reavers.

        I’ll be looking forward to see how your army’s will look during their painting progress work. Keep up the fantastic work! πŸ™‚


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