Hobby Update 28/03/17 – Slaves to Darkness

After making my big purchase I’ve been working hard to get everything built and cleaned up ready to be painted. I have almost everything built up but decided to really get the Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting! box cleaned up first (with the exception of the Chaos Sorcerer which I wont be adding to my army).

wip280317 (1)

I wasn’t prepared for the mold lines and gaps on the Chaos Warriors. It’s a good job I really like the models because they are pretty hard work to get up to standard. It’s not just that it has big mold lines, the older kits are actually slightly misaligned meaning there is a visible lip between the sections. The models also don’t fit together particularly well meaning I had to break out the putty to fill the gaps. I actually ended up doing a process of: first clean with knife, clean with engraving tool, tidy with knife, sort rough patches with super thin plastic glue and then fill the gaps with a little milliput. Once a model is cleaned up I then add texture sand and other materials to the base so I remember which ones are complete and which still need work.

wip280317 (2)wip280317 (3)

For the chariot I had to break it down to sub assemblies for painting. I’ve put guide rods on the bottom of each horse and the chariot itself to make sure they go back on the right place on the base.

wip280317 (4)

The Chaos Knights are excellent, and a good bit easier to clean up than the warriors. The only issue I’m having really is finding a way to make the Doom Knight (pictured below) look different to the others. I have used all the most “bad ass” bits from the kit so hopefully that, plus a different pose makes it obvious on the table who the big guy is.

wip280317 (6)

So that’s my progress over the last week. I’m keen to start painting but I’m trying to behave and do all the clean up work first. Hopefully I should get these all finished up in the next few days, plus maybe a little paint too since I also have a few days off. Until next time, bye the noo!



7 thoughts on “Hobby Update 28/03/17 – Slaves to Darkness

      1. Yeah. I always liked them but there were always a couple of other players in the group who already had it covered. We’re just getting into AoS and I’m the first to buy my army so I took the opportunity. I’m also doing Stormcast so maybe I’m hogging the two big factions…

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    1. Yeah I am running them as Khorne along with a bunch of bloodbound. Visually though I’m actually doing a colour scheme very similar to the GW on their website with just some hints of red in there.


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