Working out the colour scheme for Celestial Vindicators

I really enjoy starting a new army, that initial step of planning out the units that will be in it, the colour scheme, the little details. At first it takes a while for me to settle on a method that works both for how I paint and for the effect I want to achieve. Once I get a bit more practised with the colour scheme it changes and becomes a quick and satisfying process as I complete units.

I’ve been working on the first of my actual Stormcast Eternals (the Aetherwings didn’t count!) with the Raptor-Prime and wanted to show my progress so far and what I’ve been trying to do.


Turquoise Armour

The most iconic part of the Celestial Vindicators is, of course, that bright turquoise armour. The official sources say to use Sotek Green but I chose to use Vallejo Hawk Turquoise instead as I prefer the Vallejo paints most of the time – though it’s very close. After that I followed the Warhammer TV method and washed the armour with Nuln Oil, retouched the Hawk Turquoise and then applied line highlights with a mix of Hawk and White.

I like the line highlights well enough, though I’ve only tried it out on the legs so far, however the Nuln Oil wash is a little stark in the transitions. I think I can improve this by doing the first layer after the wash a little thinner and then blocking in the remaining areas.

Gold! Always believe in your soul!

My old method for painting gold was Army Painter Greedy Gold with an Army Painter Strong Tone Ink wash and then Highlight with Auric Armour Gold. Again, from watching Duncan on Warhammer TV I have switched the wash to Reikland Fleshshade and added in bright silver highlights with Army Painter Shining Silver. Overall it’s pretty good. I painted the gold over a blue undercoat which was a mistake but otherwise it’s good. I think on very detailed surfaces such as on the shoulder pad a second, carefully placed wash is required for the darkest recesses.



The Aetherwing was easy as I had already figured out my method on them. They are based in Vallejo Night Blue and Vallejo Andrea Blue then given an all over Army Painter Blue Tone wash. I lightly drybrush the dark blue with the Andrea Blue and do line highlights over all the darkened areas of Andrea Blue, working up to a bright colour by mixing in white.

Skirts and Plumes and other details

The last few smaller details are easy enough. The skirts and plume are a custom mix using Vallejo Purple as the base but darkening it a little. I put a purple wash on it and it looked great but later tried a Nuln Oil wash because it didn’t look dark enough. Going forward I will just apply the purple wash in specific locations and then add some line highlights.

The silver is basically Army Painter Shining Silver, Nuln Oil and then retouch the Silver. The black is solid black and I plan to just simply line highlight with a mid gray.

The face is Vallejo Off white which I tried to use with Nuln Oil but it’s too stark. I’m going to apply a soft tone wash next time and see if it’s a little gentler and more white looking. I’m using a normal matt white to then highlight the face.

Finishing up

I hope to finish this model up tomorrow and tidy it up a little. After that there are another 2 guys in the unit to paint up which are already about half way. Let me know what you think or if you have any tips to improve the scheme before I get stuck into it in earnest. Until next time, bye the noo!



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