Completed Khorgorath Conversion

I just finished up my Khorgorath Conversion. It’s not perfect but compared to the original Khorgorath Model I am loving the results. It’s a bit of a quicker paint job, not a speed paint by any stretch of the imagination but not my best work.


At the first glance, the results are pretty good. His head, which is from a Daemon Prince, is a little off looking in this picture because it faces quite far down but when you see the model in person it all kind of works. Though it’s a quick paint job – at a glance it really all comes together nicely.


You can see the way I’ve painted the highlights on the muscle is where I really cut corners. I wanted to avoid making the model too grey and didn’t want to spend 3 weeks doing lots of blending on the various bulges creases.


The bone claw came out so much better than expected. It’s mostly just a heavy Agrax Earthshade wash over bone with a line highlight all around. The sculpt sells it more than anything else. The armour on the arms may still change. I might go for the Murder Fist colour scheme which is black and silver but with red forearms. Of course I might do that for the rest of the army and still leave this model this way.


The tentacles and exposed flesh were fun to do, and adding in some Tamiya clear red for blood is always a cheat, but fun to do – though it didn’t work as well on the bones on his back but they look dumb (but “fun-dumb”) anyway. The flayed chest is really my absolutely favourite feature of this model and I’m more than happy with how it came out.

So what do you think of the finished results. Is the conversion any good and does the quick paintwork on the arms and chest ruing the model? I think yes and then no but feel free to leave a comment below. Until next time, bye the noo!



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