Converting the Khorgorath

One of the new models I picked up is the Khorgorath from the Age of Sigmar starter set. It’s a model I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand the overall shape and dynamic pose is excellent and I love the look of his devouring hands and the khorne symbol carved out of his flesh. On the other hand he has skulls for kneecaps and weird bone tentacle things and a head that just looks bizarre. 

I haven’t done a proper conversion in a good while but I took a shot at this one. My goal was to remove a bit of the daftness of the model while still keeping that aggressive look. I mainly used milliput because I had no green stuff and grabbed a head off eBay from a Daemon Prince.

I added some spikes to cover the left knee and trimmed and filled most of the other skulls.

As it stands I really like the results. I was tempted to take it further by adding wings and calling it a Daemon Prince but at the moment I kinda want to try out the Khorgorath in the game first. 

So what do you think? Better or worse than the original model and, as I suspect, is the head too small? Any feedback is welcome just leave a comment. Until next time, bye the noo. 



7 thoughts on “Converting the Khorgorath

      1. I enjoy it but often it’s too ambitious or I can’t figure out the parts to use. For example the guy in the age of Sigmar box with the khorne staff, I’d love to change that to instead have a victim inside the circle but have no idea where to start.

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      2. It all starts with the first step… The idea then just start. Cut here and there. Use bluetack to try ideas etc. I like planning conversions but often it’s just freeform cutting and glueing. Great fun.

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