New Projects and Blog Changes

A couple of weeks ago I finished painting my Imperial Guard army and since then I have been busy working out what I want to do next. As I had effectively cleared my backlog of paint work I had a clean slate to work from and, thanks to clearing out all the junk I didn’t need on eBay, I had the funds to really get started with the next round of miniatures.

I have also decided to branch out from 40k into Age of Sigmar, which forms the bulk of what I’m working on next. I know AoS has it’s detractors but I have played a few demo games and really enjoy it and love the miniatures – both the new ones and the old fantasy ones. I wanted to get into Frostgrave and SAGA as well but without an opponent I don’t want to waste the time and money – with 40k and AoS I can always get a pick up game at the local Warhammer shop.

I have also been giving some thought to this blog. When I created it I was simply logging all my completed projects as I had reached a stage where I had done most of the ground work so was completing miniatures at a much higher rate than I normally do. But with a whole bunch of new projects, which will grow as I do them I am moving to a more organic approach to the hobby rather than the neat regimented way I build my guard.

So here’s what’s happening now: I have made some purchases which arrived a couple of days ago which I have barely begun to even unpack. I am going to start posting a regular hobby update on my progress. Because I have a much more varied selection of miniatures it’s a more interesting process for me as I will get to try techniques that I haven’t used much and I want to share the process here as much as the finished product.

I hope everyone that drops by finds something interesting and, as always, I’ll be happy to hear any feedback and suggestions left in the comments. And if you’re wondering what’s coming up there’s going to be some Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound as well as some of the more traditional Chaos Warriors and Knights. Each of these armies will likely be expanded with forces from some of the other factions as I see fit, so perhaps some Fyreslares, Seraphon, Everchosen and Brayherds will make an appearance. As for the 40k army, it’s the smallest part of what I’m working on next but I’m building an Eldar army that focuses on the wraith aspect of the range.

It’s still early days yet but expect to see some very early work in progress shots appear in the near future. Until then, bye the noo!



4 thoughts on “New Projects and Blog Changes

  1. I got into AoS as well, despite me misgivings. However, I’ve enjoyed the games I’ve played, so getting into it wholeheartedly. Looking forward to the in-progress posts.


    1. Yeah I got a small game last night at the local game store using the box set contents. Really enjoyed how it plays and love the new direction they’re taking it in. It’s totally over the top but in the best ways. I just saw the dwarf overlord faction yesterday too so I might need to add that too.


      1. The Overlords are amazing yes. Don’t need another army myself, but I’m sure they will be a commission eventually.


  2. I got into AoS in the summer. I was sold on Sylvaneth when Alareille was released. I’ve had immense enjoyment from painting the army and playing AoS. It’s been a refreshing change from the current state of 40K.


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