Completed Khorgorath Conversion

I just finished up my Khorgorath Conversion. It’s not perfect but compared to the original Khorgorath Model I am loving the results. It’s a bit of a quicker paint job, not a speed paint by any stretch of the imagination but not my best work. At the first glance, the results are pretty good. His […]

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I thought I’d start my Age of Sigmar and my Stormcast painting project with something fun. I had actually picked these guys up before receiving my full order as something to paint while I waited on everything else coming. The Vanguard Raptors are not far behind but these bright blue magical birds were just an […]

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Converting the Khorgorath

One of the new models I picked up is the Khorgorath from the Age of Sigmar starter set. It’s a model I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand the overall shape and dynamic pose is excellent and I love the look of his devouring hands and the khorne symbol […]

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New Projects and Blog Changes

A couple of weeks ago I finished painting my Imperial Guard army and since then I have been busy working out what I want to do next. As I had effectively cleared my backlog of paint work I had a clean slate to work from and, thanks to clearing out all the junk I didn’t […]

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