COMPLETED! My Imperial Guard army is finally done

Well, it’s been a very enjoyable project that has taken probably somewhere around 250 hours to complete. It’s hard to believe it’s finished to be totally honest, my free time was so finite over the last year there were times when almost a month would go by without getting a chance to paint anything. Seeing it complete is worthwhile though. Complete satisfaction. I have posted photos of everything before but I broke out the camera again today for a bit of a photo shoot. The only problem is I don’t have space to get a complete army shot – that will need to wait til I get it out for a game.

The infantry:

4 Veteran squads with triple plasma gun loadout – each transported by a Chimera, accompanied by a Commissar and a Ministorum Priest. Heavy weapons are available along with a small selection of alternative weapons.

The armour:

This army is tank strong! 6 Leman Russ tanks with 2 being of the demolisher style variant. Of course, what self respecting general wouldn’t bring a few handy Enginseers to keep those tanks running.

I’m a big fan of WYSIWYG but still having all the options available. I kind of went a bit nuts painting all the alternative weapons for my tanks.

The Artillery:

A couple of Wyverns round out the armoured vehicles of my army bringing it to a nice neat 12 vehicles in total (not counting allied Militarum Tempestus).

Allies and Support:

An assassin is a useful support option and is often ignored in lieu of 6 Leman Russ tanks. Almost always makes back his points and more. While I may be done with my Imperial Guard I have decided to make a small allied detachment of Militarum Tempestus.

Bonus dirty undercarriage shot of the Taurox.


Well, there it is. I’ve deliberately kept this post to mostly pictures and less words as it’s more of a celebration for me than anything else. I don’t have a whole lot else on my table at the moment so realistically the blog is probably going to die right down. I will inevitable get something else going at which point it should start picking up again.

As always, and especially now at the end, I welcome and invite feedback. Until next time, bye the noo!!!



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