Look Back: Warmachine Cygnar Rangers

A favourite unit of mine back in my Warmachine days was the Cygnar Rangers. They were great for getting up the board and marking out targets for an otherwise shooty army while still being able to get some good protection while in cover. I also loved the models which were a great opportunity to break from the blue of the rest of my Cygnar army.

The unit officer in his hunched pose always looked to me like someone creeping forward through cover. The model to the right had no special rules but was always my go to for the model to move forward and “mark targets” with.

The duplicate sculpts was my only big frustration with this unit (and warmachine in general) but it’s not glaring. Together they all look good and blend well into rocky / forested terrain.

Feedback, as usual, is welcome. Until next time, bye the noo!



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