Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 4

Final Veteran Squad complete.


I love painting, but 40 of the same guy will task anyone’s patience. Funnily enough I actually find myself wanting to do more but in a different colour scheme, and if I can find a good and simple little conversion (basically I want arms without the shoulder pads) I will do up another 30 as conscripts.

I went much further with the glow on the plasma this time around but it looks a bit chalky. I might go back and tone it down with a glaze but I don’t want to lose that brightness. At this stage I don’t know what else I can say about these guys you haven’t already heard. This is the last squad but realistically there is still another 10 alternative weapon options to do and 6 heavy weapon teams (so another 12 dudes). So I’m not as done with them as I might hope.



3 thoughts on “Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 4

  1. They look great mate. Apart from the red the colour scheme reminds me of Starship Troopers. I painted 30 guardsmen last year for my mighty 77th. Even though it was laborious I found it quite relaxing. The conscripts I added were Catachan. Keep up the good work man.


    1. Thanks dude! It’s been so much fun getting them all done. I have thought about using catachans as conscripts because I reckon if painted in orange they could be made to look like penal conscripts. The catachan sculpts are kinda wonky though which has held me back.

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      1. They are kind of weird sculpts but a bit of trimming here and there works. I did a penal legion with them a while back too. Not great photos but I was happy with the overall theme. I based them on the movie The Dirty Dozen.


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