Look Back: Warmachine Cygnar Battlebox

Here’s a real nostalgic look back for me: my Warmachine Cygnar Starter Box. About 5 years ago I got into Warmachine in a big way and it all started with a starter box I’d bought on a whim in a game store I’d discovered.

At the time I had mainly painted Games Workshop models so it was quite refreshing to pick up and paint something with a different aesthetic. Despite a lower quality in the production of the models compared to Citadel they were still easy enough to put together and paint. Not having to paint 200 models to get started was also a huge deal, though my Warmachine collection ended up at around 50-60 models in the end but that’s another story.

These are very likely the oldest models I still have photographs of and represented a real change in my hobby from being primarily a gamer who paints to a painter who plays games. I started spending a little more time on each model and trying to improve my skills. Realistically I was still aiming for tabletop quality just a higher tabletop quality.

I have a few more Warmachine models in my collection which I’ll showcase soon I think. In truth I’d love to play the game again there’s just no one in my small group that plays. There’s currently more interest in Age of Sigmar than Warmachine and while I do like the look of Age of Sigmar I’m going to wait until it’s been round the block a few more times before getting involved.

Until next time, bye the noo.

– Callum


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