Ork Big Shoota and Rokkit Launcha

I finished up the rest of my Boyz squad that I showed a while ago and wanted to show off these two happy little Orks. They’re happy because they have MOAR DAKKA!

The Big Shoota is going to be a normal part of the Shoota Boyz squad but the Rokkit Launcha will be joining a Tankbusta unit eventually so I painted him with a few darker colours to differentiate them a little on the tabletop.

Orks are such a fun army to paint, very forgiving of mistakes but stunning when you take your time on them. I still have no schedule for getting a tabletop army ready but I just got my next purchase through this week. Just a small addition of 5 Stormboyz and a unit of pathetic Grots! Good times.

C&C as always is welcome, until next time, bye the noo!



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