Imperial Guard Chimera 3

Hot on the heels of my 3rd Veteran Squad come my third Chimera transport to get them where they need to go. I’m still enjoying painting my armoured vehicles, I’m not sure at what point it stops being fun and becomes a labour?

They also continue to serve me well on the battlefield usually keeping my Veterans safe and getting them into position. Last week a Predator Tank failed to destroy one even after 3 rounds of direct fire. Clearly they are my lucky transports.

With the army reaching well into 2/3 or more complete I’m finding myself asking the question of what to do next. I have my Militarum Tempestus detachment to paint up for sure and my Space Marines are still just sitting there. Not to mention I’ve been considering dabbling a bit further with Orks.

An alternative option presents itself though: with a complete army I don’t need to do anything. I have been considering the possibility of taking a painting break, or at the very least a significant slow down, to pursue some new hobbies and reignite some passions left behind. I used to play around with a little bit of programming, 3d modelling and game design but never gave it the required time investment to make something worthwhile. Perhaps instead of another army I’ll instead use the one I have (gasp) and clear out all my old models to kickstart a fund to build a new PC. Who knows what the future holds.

Until next time, bye the noo!



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