Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 3

I have just completed my 3rd Veteran Squad for my Imperial Guard Army. What a satisfying feeling now to be so far through my infantry and have more finished than still to be finished.

Overall I continue to be happy with the colour scheme as they look like they’ve been deployed in a city environment. I still struggle to get the fatigues looking right and find I do a lot of back and forth with shading and highlights which is time consuming. The armoured sections still come out well with very little work.

I’ve found myself debating the imperial eagles on their helmets and rifles being done in red but I think going back and doing them all in gold or silver would probably be too much paint and would look bad. I’ve also decided I really don’t like the look of the sergeants at all and I think I will look to do replacement models for these guys. I really prefer the look of something like the Kasrkin Sergeant so will maybe see if I can kitbash some, maybe throwing in some components from the Scions box.

One more squad of these guys to go, then 10 alternative weapon models and 6 heavy weapon teams to finish the infantry. After that I’m probably going to investigate what I need to run these guys as a normal infantry platoon, which mostly means finding models to serve as Conscripts.

As usual I welcome any comments and critiques, until next time, bye the noo!



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