Decimators Space Marines: 3rd Tactical Squad

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to my Space Marines so it was a lot of fun to finish up this tactical squad. As the unit was already about 60% done from a year ago it was a quick sprint to finish it off.

The Decimators Chapter of Space Marines are renowned in the Sevastus Sector for their prowess on the battlefield, as befits an Imperial Fists successor chapter and all of the Adeptus Astartes, and have won many victories against all manner of enemies. However, despite their millennia of service the Decimators eschew many of the traditions of Chapter and personal heraldry and glory. The Decimators do not wear a specific chapter or company colours, or even many signs of overt personal glory, their only concessions the traditional Imperial Aquila to honour Their Father and their Chapter Symbol.

In battle the Decimators always modify their armour to suit the terrain they will be fighting in, considering it a greater service to the Emperor to be as efficient and effective in battle as possible, rather than some bright colours that glorify only themselves. The Marines of the 3rd Company are currently deployed on the heavily forested world of Sevastus Tertius and have made appropriate modifications to their armour.

I’ve said it before but the scheme is based on the Raptors but a little more muted. I’ve also removed almost all metallics and bright colours and I think the overall effect is pretty solid. The base colour is Vallejo Olive Green with a black ink wash. The colour scheme is meant to represent the environment the Chapter is deployed in rather than the company heraldry.

I came up with the colours and fluff sort of side by side as I tried to justify why they weren’t the usual bright Space Marine colours. I also wanted to come up with some great fluff without going overboard and making them Mary Sues, they needed a flaw. So they don’t glorify their own deeds, they are trying to repent for a failure from their early history. Even their name is actually a part of this Failure, the Decimators is a name which they took to represent their failure.

In a sense they are trying to redeem themselves. To become what they once were but their own sense of duty and the task they have to achieve makes that a near impossibility.

I have toyed with painting up one in the Chapter Heraldry but making it something quite unlike their current appearance. There are so many bright and wacky colours from the old Index Astartes, including the original Raptors Legion blue and yellow, which would be a great counterpoint to all their seriousness.

For variety (and rule of cool) I ended up adding squad markings etc because otherwise they just looked unfinished. A lot of free hand and some tricky transfers, both of which I need to get better at but both of which look absolutely fine for now.

So that’s my first completed Space Marine unit in over a year and a really enjoyable change of pace. I’d absolutely love to hear thoughts on them, on the slightly unusual colours, even the fluff and whether you like seeing that stuff in the posts or not.

Still to come is a couple of Storm Talon Gunships, an Ironclad dreadnought (called Dennis) and eventually a Storm Raven too. When? Well that is a lot harder to say for sure but we’ll see.

– Callum


2 thoughts on “Decimators Space Marines: 3rd Tactical Squad

  1. Lovely, if not cowardly using camouflage;) But, seriously, great paint jobs, try some Mirco Sol on the transfers and they should go down smoother. And maybe some scale Leaf debris on the bases to tie in with the fluff of it being a forest rich world? Good job, reminded me of Raptors Chapter which are equally as cool in olive drab colours.


    1. Cowardice is irrelevant, killing xenos is all that matters. On the close up transfer I did micro sol 3 times. I had to stop as it was beginning to affect the paint underneath. I will try some cutting next time as well.


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