Completed Imperial Guard Wyvern 

I am officially hitting the 50% complete mark on my armoured vehicles with this Wyvern and pretty much 50% complete on the army itself. Of course I keep considering additions so I may never actually get to the 100% mark but it’s fun to dream (especially since I just bought 2 Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus boxes)…

I hope you all wont mind if the next month or two gets a bit boring as I basically complete the same units all again. 2 more Veteran Squads  2 more Chimera,  3 more Leman Russ, another Wyvern and then a selection of alternative special and heavy weapon Veterans. There are some other models from some of the other armies I collect in progress as well so hopefully that will add a little variety to this painting log of mine. Anyway, take a look at my Wyvern below.

Nothing very different from my other armoured vehicles, the same base coat of Army Painter Wolf Grey for that nice urban blue with Vallejo Dark Grey camo. There’s more metallic in this model than my usual which I am not happy with. When I was painting it I initially used the same Wolf Grey scheme over the mortars but it just looked wrong. Black didn’t look right either and at least the dark metallic works.

I really liked the way the targeting computer came out but definitely messed up the crew. Just rushed them and then found it frustrating trying to fix them. If I’m being honest I should go back and fix them but I’m happy overall with the model so it can wait.

What do you think then? Especially the mortars, do they look out of place or does it work? Any comments I’d be happy to reply. Until next time, bye the noo.

– Callum


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