Look Back: Decimators Razorback

Since they’ve been getting a little table time again it seems right to include some of the older models in my collection in this blog. This time around its the humble Razorback.

For some reason the photos make the green look a little more vibrant than in real life. Like the rest of my Decimators it’s a very traditional olive green. I always try to avoid metallics as much as possible and try to avoid being flashy with the colour scheme. I did have to add the black sections as without them it seemed to lose its overall effect. The black helps define the shape of the model more clearly.

Still love looking back at these and I think it’s maybe time to finish up some of the other models still half done. I still have a Storm Raven and two Storm Talons to do. Let me know what you think below, until next time, bye the noo.

– Callum


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