Orks, because clearly I don’t have enough to get done

I’ve decided, despite a backlog of Imperial Guard and Space Marine models, that now might be a good time to start a new army…

Really though I had a false start with Orks when I got back into 40k and I’ve been itching to paint them ever since. I really enjoy the more haphazard nature of the models which gives me a nice change of pace. I had struggled to find a colour scheme that really worked for me and ended up quite frustrated, this time I was a lot more sure where I wanted to go with it.

I’m not really starting a new army so much as simply painting up a unit of Boys, after that I’ll see where the mood takes me. This is in part because I want to build an Ork army up over time rather than rush it but also as paint therapy. It’s easy to get burned out painting the same things over and over and having something different and fun to work on for a while is a great way to stay fresh.

I’m still developing the theme of the army, I’m obviously avoiding the bright colours normally associated with Orks but still trying to hit something familiar. I initially had the yellow almost all the way to khaki but brought it back a touch with a more desert yellow and yellow/brown wash. Muted green on the skin is by far my favourite bit and playing around with purples in the tones has been fun too.

In terms of theme I am starting to formulate a kind of basic fluff for them. I have decided that they are going to be junkers, orks which infested what was basically an imperial scrap world. For Orks, this would be something of a paradise, especially for Mekboyz and for the warband that benefits from all their inventions. The way this will be represented in the army itself will largely be in the composition – as I intend to run a dread mob with a ton of Trukks running interference. I’ve tried out some army variations on Tabletop Simulator but what I’ve got is still just too slow, so it might not be super competitive but it should be a lot of fun.

It also gives me an idea for some terrain but that’s going to have a long wait before I can start it.

Until next time, WAAAAGH THE NOO!



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