Armoured Might: 2 more Leman Russ Exterminators join the squadron

Rolling up this week is the armoured might of my Exterminators Squadron. I have already shown the lead tank but he’s a lot more intimidating with the rest of the squadron to support him.

Tanks are fast becoming my favourite models to paint and I know I’m going heavy on the weathering but I like it a lot. I think because I chose quite a colourful scheme for my army I’m trying to contrast that with dirt and grime.

As before the base colour is Army Painter Wolf Grey sprayed on then a light paint coat to ensure coverage. Vallejo Dark Grey for the camo pattern. I still can’t really settle on the techniques to use. I’m washing the main body with a mix of dark tone ink and blue ink thinned down but then I have to repair the flat areas by repainting. I try to highlight manually but drybrushing is so much faster. I guess it’s all a learning process. 

Any thoughts are welcome as always, until next time, bye the noo.

– Callum 


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