Look Back: Decimators Chapter Terminator Assault Squad 

Over the weekend I had a chance to actually play a game of 40k and, for a change, I decided to bring a small allied force of Space Marines. 

When I first got back into Warhammer 40k I had decided to start with Space Marines. I hadn’t done a proper Space Marine army since the days of 2nd edition and even that was Space Wolves so I really wanted to do a straight shooting “muhreen” army. I invented my own chapter called the Decimators which were very similar in look to the Raptors but even more muted.

Since I had some pictures of my Terminator Assault Squad from previous internet sharing and since they managed an acceptable performance on the table I thought it would be fun to show them off again. 

Unfortunately, before the army had got beyond a couple of squads and a few transports, I ended up putting them on hold. The problem was that my main opponent was playing Chaos Space Marines and, though the games were fun at first, both the armies were becoming very similar. After a few games where our lists were pretty much the same I decided I needed to try something else and eventually settled on Imperial Guard.

In the year since the army got boxed and stored my regular opponent has moved onto Khorne Daemonkin and invested in some more unique units (see recent Lord of Skulls). Having these guys back on the table was a lot of fun so I guess I need to finish painting them soon and maybe even add some new units.

So that’s my old Terminator Assault Squad and one of my favourite completed projects since getting back into 40k. I’ll see if I can finish up some more and share some other pictures soon. Until then, bye the noo.

– Callum


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