Officio Prefectus Commissar

Time to bring some order to the 71st! Painted up this Commissar for my Imperial Army. I actually don’t need him for any of my lists but I was at the FLGS and looking for something nice to paint. The only problem is I also just ordered 2 ‘Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus’ box sets which […]

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Look Back: Decimators Razorback

Since they’ve been getting a little table time again it seems right to include some of the older models in my collection in this blog. This time around its the humble Razorback. For some reason the photos make the green look a little more vibrant than in real life. Like the rest of my Decimators […]

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Mantic Battlezones Building 2

As my Guard army progresses so too does my terrain with the addition of this small building made from Mantic’s Battlezones kits. Painted using DecoArt craft paint for the main red to save wasting more expensive paint on such a large project they come out nicely. Heavy wash and line highlights are all I’m really […]

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