Mantic Battlezones Walkway

The Mantic Battlezones terrain continues, even if it’s becoming obvious I’m doing all the small jobs to avoid painting the main buildings. All the same I’d like to share the walkway I built to allow units to cross from one building to another. One thing I’m really keen to have with my new terrain is different levels so it’s important to give infantry a way to move through terrain vehicles cannot.

Mantic Battlezones Bridge

To try and stretch out the kit I made the main platform from plasticard, used the tiles for the rest and simply added a vent for greebling. I cheeped out on the highlights and mostly drybrushed the barriers, though I did go back over the flatter areas with black to bring the overall tone back down.

Size wise it’s big enough for a tank to pass under and I think I will build another (though I may need more battlezones kits to do it. I’m really loving the Mantic Battlezones kits now and should have some bigger buildings to show soon – though I may need to build a bigger lightbox. Until next time, bye the noo…

– Callum


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