Reinforcements: Second Veteran Squad

Swelling the ranks of my Imperial Guard army the Sevastus 71st (finally given them a name!) comes my second Veteran Guard squad.

Same process as before but this time I was a little more careful about applying the wash and used a thinner, slightly blue wash. This saved me a little time on the highlights which I’m still doing manually rather than drybrushing as I like the smoother look.

I’m still not happy with the plasma guns. I liked the green because the model is already so blue but I’m not sure it’s got that glowing feel. Otherwise I’m quite happy with the unit. I was aiming for tabletop quality but I think I’ve managed a reasonably high standard despite rushing some bits.

Thoughts and critiques very welcome, let me know what you think. Until next time, bye the noo.



2 thoughts on “Reinforcements: Second Veteran Squad

  1. You’re getting quite a mixed palette on each squad with chevron, red markings, blue cameo, flesh and then plasma! How long is it taking to get through a squad with all the lovely bits of detail? 🙂


    1. I will admit that each squad takes a bit of work. Because of the way I work it’s really hard to say exactly how much time each squad takes with any accuracy. Maybe 15-25 hours.


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