Resistance is futile! Servitors for my Guard army

What a joy it is to paint some different colours for a while! After months of painting blues and greys I switched over and blasted out some servitors to join my Enginseers. I picked up the Space Marine Techmarine set and made a few minor conversions to remove heavy weapons rather than buying all the individual blisters.

I’ve kept to the warm red tones I used in my Enginseer colour scheme and tried to use purples and blues around the flesh to give it that Borg look.

Again I tried to use different colours in the shading and highlights as I’m still playing around with the different effects this has. I think the colder colours the slight tint of purple in the recesses really looks nice and the same on the flesh but I’m not sold on the warmer highlights as it really just tints it towards orange. Overall though it certainly does seem to make the models seem more vibrant compared to just using lighter and darker shades of the same colour.

The red is also a nice touch in the army as a whole. It’s pretty much been an accent colour so far so having a little unit all in red makes the it like an accent for the whole army on the table.

Really nice overall to paint. Really nice sculpts and for one of only a handful of resin models I’ve painted I was very happy with the cast. Id love to hear your thoughts on these as always, especially any critiques you may have to improve them. Until next time, bye the noo.



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