Mantic Battlezones “Aegis” Defence Line

Another quick terrain piece from my Mantic Urban Quadrant to go on my growing 40k table. A simple paint scheme which I stared by carefully highlighting the edges before giving up and just drybrushing then covering up areas that were too chalky. I don’t have a picture yet but the sandy colour on the bottom really helps this blend into the desert terrain of my gaming table.

Defence Line

Look at the difference between right and left, the right looks WAY better but it just took too long and no one is going to be looking that close at it so I got lazy.

Defence Line
Defence Line Closeup

I have built them in 3 sections (only 2 pictured as one is not quite finished), one straight section of two short panels and 2 corner sections made of 3 panels. The overall length is a little less than that of an Aegis Defence Line but doesn’t match up with the length of each individual segment. My regular opponent has no problem with me using this as an Aegis should I choose to (or he can if he wants) but I have no list that makes use of one at the moment.

For yet another small piece of terrain I’m really happy with this and should have some more terrain pieces to show you soon. I will be off for a week next week so wont have much time for painting or posting but if I get a chance I’ll maybe schedule a post so there’s no big gap in posts. Until then, bye the noo.



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