First Leman Russ Exterminator

Just finished up my first Leman Russ tank. It’s set up as an Exterminator with melta side sponsons. All of the weapons are magnetised so it can be used in any of the regular variants, I just chose to paint up the Exterminator weapons first.

I’m starting to really enjoy painting tanks and tried to use a bit more washing and drybrushing on this one to give it a bit more depth. Same as the Chimera it’s based in Army Painter Wolf Grey with Vallejo Dark Grey for the camouflage.

Went a bit further on the weathering than I did with the Chimera. Really heavily sponged the weathering on the front first with Games Workshop Rhinox Hide then bright silver. I used a little dark brown wash to add some oil leaks on the sides as well, which I might push further on the next one and then finished up with powdered pastels to give dust and rust effects. I’m nearly done on the second Chimera so will have a chance soon to keep working on the weathering.

I had originally painted the sponson weapons in black but they were really bland looking. The red really pops and adds a bit of variety to the colour scheme – even if it doesn’t strictly make a lot of sense. The markings on the turret marks this tank out as the tank commander as I plan to make the rest just red without the white bit at the front. The decals went on OK but I realised afterwards that I was using Micro Sol and Micro Set in the wrong order.

So that’s my Leman Russ, and second tank. Really enjoyed this one and can’t wait to do more. Comments welcome below as usual. Bye the noo.

– Callum


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