Mantic Barrels and Boxes

Along with all the Battlezones buildings I am putting together, the kit also comes with a bunch of barrels and containers for useful scatter terrain. Just finished painting them up and, as far as some little scatter terrain goes I’m quite happy. I have mixed up the colours a bit to add some variety and I think I may put together some pallets out of plasticard for them to sit on.

While I was getting some pictures of these I thought I’d take a few pictures of the ones I made myself a while back. These are made out of different thicknesses of Foamex which is a softer version of plasticard.



8 thoughts on “Mantic Barrels and Boxes

    1. OK, so here’s the thing, this makes my day because the colour I used for the square ones is my all time favourite paint. I’m not even kidding.

      It’s Vallejo Panzer Aces 325 “URSS Tank Crew No.1” – and there is some of it in just about every model I paint. It’s a light grey with a hint of blue / green through it. If you wash it it takes on the colour of the wash really well. For the barrels I used a black wash which kept that neutral grey colour. Drybrushed with a 50:50 325/white mix and the weathered with a sponging technique.

      I love 325 and I can admit that šŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks. I tried reproducing that colour using GWs celestial white, nuln oil wash, dry brushing with ulthuan grey. Didn’t come out as nice as yours though. Will keep an eye out for that vallejo grey. Thanks.


      2. It’s because the GW greys are very very neutral. If you have Incubi Darkness try adding a tiny bit of that into your base colour. That has the same tone but is obviously a lot darker. Failing that just mix in a tiny tiny amount of blue green.

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      1. I actually think I did an all over wash, decided I didn’t like it that way and repainted the flat surface and then added more wash to darken the recesses further. It was a while ago so I’m not 100% now.


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