Imperial Guard

Reinforcements: Second Veteran Squad

Swelling the ranks of my Imperial Guard army the Sevastus 71st (finally given them a name!) comes my second Veteran Guard squad. Same process as before but this time I was a little more careful about applying the wash and used a thinner, slightly blue wash. This saved me a little time on the highlights… Continue reading Reinforcements: Second Veteran Squad

Imperial Guard

Resistance is futile! Servitors for my Guard army

What a joy it is to paint some different colours for a while! After months of painting blues and greys I switched over and blasted out some servitors to join my Enginseers. I picked up the Space Marine Techmarine set and made a few minor conversions to remove heavy weapons rather than buying all the… Continue reading Resistance is futile! Servitors for my Guard army


Mantic Battlezones “Aegis” Defence Line

Another quick terrain piece from my Mantic Urban Quadrant to go on my growing 40k table. A simple paint scheme which I stared by carefully highlighting the edges before giving up and just drybrushing then covering up areas that were too chalky. I don't have a picture yet but the sandy colour on the bottom… Continue reading Mantic Battlezones “Aegis” Defence Line