Look Back: Malifaux

Another day another false start. Sometimes I just want to paint some miniatures and begin to entertain ideas that the few wargamers I know will drop whatever project they are working on and buy into a whole new game… usually with unsurprising results. The upshot is that I give myself an excuse to buy some nice miniatures to paint.

Here’s the few Malifaux minis I actually painted before common sense kicked in.

After reading through the rules for Malifaux I just found I didn’t like the “flavour” of the game. There are still a few more miniatures in this range I would love to paint and I have a few put aside that would be suitable should I ever convince my friends to play Frostgrave. But, there I go trying to get into yet another game.

Thoughts and critiques welcome as always.

Regards – Callum


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