Battlezones Terrain: Watchtower 1

I recently picked up the Urban Quadrant from Mantic as I plan to build a gaming table along with my Imperial Guard Army. I like the kits produced by Games Workshop but they are very expensive and frankly both of the gaming venues near me make use of the them.

The modular nature of the Battlezones system is both fantastic and limited. On the one hand I have been able to build quite a variety of buildings with it but on the other hand there is a tendency for repeating patterns.

I’ve went for quite a striking colour scheme as I really want to have a gaming table that isn’t just the same as you always see. Most of the highlights are done with dry brushing, specifically building up smooth areas of brightness using tight circular dry brushing. There is then a bunch of line highlights and weathering to finish the details.

Because of the amount of paint required I am using basic acrylic paints, specifically DecoArt Americana acrylics which have a higher amount of pigment than cheap paints – though less than mini painting brands. I started with a red base sprayed on to speed things along.

I should have more terrain to show you soon enough as I am building a range of buildings, towers, a landing pad, gateway and so on. Has anyone built anything using Battlezones? I would appreciate any thoughts you might have.



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