Imperial Guard Chimera 1

To transport my Veterans around I personally favour the Chimera transport. I have just finished up the first one to go with my Veteran Squad I showed previously. This is my first Imperial Guard tank and the only time I have ever attempted a camouflage scheme.

A couple of new things for me on this model. The heavy weathering is above and beyond what I have done before. I used artists pastels shaved down with my knife to make a powder set with a matt varnish. Getting the amount of powder right is difficult as once you hit it with the varnish it dulls down quite a lot. I had heard people using hair spray and other things but these models will be getting used in games and will be transported around in foam so everything needs to be set.

My camo scheme was an unusual step for me and was more “rule of cool” than any accurate form of camouflage. Using the same grey/blue colour it looked a little bland initially until I added the near-white green spots at the borders.

Painting the body of the Chimera I sprayed the whole thing with Army Painter Wolf Grey, washed the whole model with a black/blue wash and then heavily dry brushed the Wolf Grey again. I then blocked in and more carefully shaded the grey. After that I tend to do a bit of line highlights, which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea but certainly makes things pop on the table. White-green slivers were then dotted around the divide between the grey and blue.

I also made my first use of the sponging technique to add worn areas – first sponging on a dark brown and then a silver over that. I’d seen this on a YouTube video and love the effect a lot more than manually adding chips and damage.

Lastly, I made my first use of Micro Sol and Micro Set for applying transfers and, though I don’t quite have the technique down yet, the transfer looks much more natural and doesn’t have that usual visible lip to it. Basically it’s 2 chemicals which help set the decal in place and then softens the clear medium the transfers are on allowing a smooth transition.

Overall I’m satisfied. Yes there are mistakes and on the next Chimera I will try to improve. Hell I have 4 of them so I should get the hang of it by the end. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know what you think. What do you think of the colours and camo scheme?



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