Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 1

Here is the first of my Veteran Squads for my Imperial Guard. I have added custom plasma guns (I forget where they are from) as I intend to run triple plasma on my squads, though I will have extra lasgun armed models should I choose to run just double.

Imperial Guard Veteran Squad
Plasma Gunners
Lasgun Armed Veteran

I’ve gone for a basic grey / blue urban colour scheme to get away from the usual greens and browns. The light blue is Army Painter Wolf Grey and the darker grey is Vallejo Model Colour Dark Grey. The shoulder is done in Vallejo Model Colour Red.

Painting the cloth I initially used a 50:50 mix of Army Painter Dark Tone and Blue tone but quickly found the effect too strong. I then switched to manually painting the wash mixed with a little matt medium into the recesses. This was much tidier but the thinner covering of the diluted wash took a little longer to build up – though doesn’t require time to then clean up afterwards.

At first they seemed a little bland but the extra spots gave the cloth parts a camo effect. The red shoulder denotes their veteran status should I ever decide to add non-veteran infantry.

They are far from perfect but I don’t intend to paint every guardsman to the utmost of my ability – I want to complete the army at some point. I also made my first use of texture paste for my bases and I like it, it’s less uniform than gluing on sand (which I like) and takes less time to apply.

I welcome any comments on these guys as usual, until next time, bye the noo.



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