Look Back: Khorne Forgefiend

Back in 2015 I painted this Khorne Forgefiend for a friend who was getting back into the hobby. I have shared this previously on Reddit and on my old (now defunct) blog Level 12 Paladin. Here’s a few glamour shot’s of the model.

This is easily one of my favourite paint jobs and I was very happy with the blending in the red armour. I’m sad to say it’s looking a bit more worn these days as my friend unfortunately stores and transports his models in a cardboard box – without any foam or padding!

The cracked earth on the base is done with green stuand just impressing the cracks into it. The blood is Tamiya Clear Red though I think Games Workshop now produce their own version of this paint.

So there is a quick look back at my Khorne Forgefiend and I will hopefully have more old and new models to share with you soon. I have promised to paint up a Maulerfiend for him soon – though I’m still trying to decide what to do to make it a little different. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.


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