Look Back: Bolt Action Soviets

Something of a false start when I tried to get back into gaming, my small Soviet army was still a lot of fun to paint and my first true attempt at doing anything historical. Alas, the gaming group went another way (into Warmachine, so expect some of those photos at some point) and these never saw even one game.

They sit in a case waiting on the day they will be needed. Although I now feel I could paint them better so I might need to strip them and do it again. With the release of the Second Edition of Bolt Action there’s an even better chance of something happening with these.

I absolutely love the idea of trying my hand at historicals again, this army sparked a fascination with the Russian side of World War 2 that has left me reading books, listening to podcasts and watching every movie on the subject I can just for more of the story. Next time round I think it might be fun to focus on the Pacific theatre. Who knows?

Feel free to leave any comments or critiques below as usual, until next time – bye the noo!



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